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"The Church in The Inner City, Ministering To The Inner Man"

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Inner City Baptist Church is a fundamental New Testament Church that is built on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. We believe the purpose of the church is missions (foreign and domestic) and reaching our neighborhoods, cities, and country with the Good News of redemption through Jesus Christ our Savior. We believe this is the responsibility of all born again believers.

Inner City Baptist Church is a place for the whole family to worship and serve, a place where the saints are equipped, the Savior is exalted and the world is evangelized. This is accomplished through the faithful preaching and teaching of the Word of God. What we believe can be found in our Statement of Faith, which we have posted for your convenience.

Inner City Baptist Church is home to Inner City Baptist Christian Academy. A place to educate our children while protecting them from the cares of this world by creating a wholesome environment for learning and growing.

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